Release date April/May 1998
Brand Taco Bell

Taco Bell Godzilla Toys are set of eight toys released by Taco bell in a promotional run. They were founded on April 3, 1998.


A Total of 8 toys made by Taco Bell in 1998.


Action Attack Godzilla Mini-Figure

It's tough to have lots fun with "action attack" with Godzilla and he wiggles with his tail

Godzilla Jet Disc Shooter

This model of the F/A 18 jets seen in the film's climax is a more standard day, Place the toy jet on the disc launcher and place three discs into the slot and pull the trigger and launches the discs out.

Squishy Slime Egg

The Squishy Egg is really sweet and cool with a belt clip, So clip that on your book bag, your pocket or your backpack, Squish the Jell in the slime egg including a Baby Godzilla in there.

Godzilla Military Army Tank

Flip the door on the back of the tank which is a water squirter and fill some water, And press the button and run and walk around squirting everyone.

Godzilla Helicopter Flight Launcher

Godzilla is climbing up to the Chrysler building, Pull the cord and the helicopter takes a flight.

Godzilla Wobbling Balls

We have the Balls to play. Featuring a Godzilla Baby inside an egg shell and Godzilla under the road with his hand and tail sticking out. Take the two balls and wobble around.

Godzilla Cup Holder

It's fun to use a Cup holder, Hang Godzilla in your window or your refrigerator, Take the cup and let Godzilla hold on your cup.



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