Godzilla Collector Cup Display From Taco Bell 1998
Release date May 1998
Brand Taco Bell

Godzilla Taco Bell Cups were a series of "collector's" cups that were available at the fast food restaurant chain: Taco Bell, in promotion of the 1998 film. The cups could be obtained via the purchase of a large soda; several paper cups that were of lesser quality were also offered with the purchase of smaller drinks, although these featured less impressive graphics. Each of these cups came with game pieces for the "Find Godzilla And Win" game which offered food and cash prizes to winners. A plastic car cup holder in the shape of Godzilla himself was also made available for an additional .99 cents.


A total of four sturdy plastic cups were released which featured artwork centered around scenes of Godzilla and his mishaps around Manhattan. These scenes also featured cute little captions that humorously poked fun at the monster's large size by way of ironic idioms. Due to the film's extreme secrecy surrounding the monsters design, the cups which featured full body shots of Godzilla weren't released until midnight of the night of the film's premiere. Interestingly enough, these cups featured scenes of Godzilla in daylight with some featuring clear skies, a refreshing sight compared to the shots in the film which featured constant downpour.

Godzilla puts his foot down

This cup features a slightly tweaked version of the film's teaser poster which features Godzilla's foot. This time around, the foot is seen at twilight and surrounded by an eerie green mist with a shot of leveled Manhattan buildings in the background.

Godzilla goes sightseeing

Similar to the artwork done by Phil Sparks that was found on various promotional items, this cup features Godzilla sitting atop the Chrysler Building, looking down upon the streets below.

Godzilla get's a grip

This cup features Godzilla's hand bursting through a building as it holds a chunk of the facade. Note: The background of this cup is the same as Godzilla puts his foot down.

Godzilla hails a cab

This cup features Godzilla spewing radioactive flames down on the bustling city streets.

In addition to these cups, a matching cup-holder was also released. When a cup is in place, it gives the appearance of Godzilla hugging the cup which is similar to the scene in Godzilla goes sightseeing. A tab is also available on the cup-holder which is meant to be wedged in a car's windshield slot, making it capable of being useful while on the road.



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