Godzilla Remade Again was a parody and/or mockery to the 1998 film Godzilla. The video was a segment part of the Robot Chicken episode That Hurts Me. The segment featured Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich remaking Godzilla once more; the segment goes on to show a scene of Baby Godzillas attacking, only to begin inexplicably roller skating and dancing in a rink. When the studio head bemoans the fact that he trusted Devlin and Emmerich to make a decent Godzilla film, for the second time, and that they instead have produced an unmarketable "pile of shit", for the second time, Devlin and Emmerich give each other a high-five.

Godzilla Remade Again (1998)Edit

GODZILLA® (1998) - Robot Chicken "That Hurts Me" (Episode) "Godzilla Remade Again" (Segment)01:17

GODZILLA® (1998) - Robot Chicken "That Hurts Me" (Episode) "Godzilla Remade Again" (Segment)

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