Publication information
Publisher IDW Publishing
Schedule Monthly
Format (unknown)
Genre Science fiction, action
Publication date June 8, 2015
Number of issues 25
Creative team
Writer(s) Chris Mowry
Artist(s) Matt Frank
Creator(s) (unknown)

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth (issue #25) is the twenty-fifth issue in the Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comic book series. The IDW Zilla makes an appearance in this issue.

IDW Zilla arrives in Los Angeles and kills a Trilopod to save Jet Jaguar. Shortly after, he participates in the battle against the Trilopods and manages to kill many of them. He then tries to attack Magita alongside Varan, but they are both defeated at the same time. Godzilla finally manages to destroy Magita, then he goes into the sea and Zilla follows him along with the other monsters.


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