Godzilla: The Series episode
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Season 2
Episode number 6 / 27
Original airdate (unknown)
Directed by (unknown)
Written by (unknown)
Producers (unknown)
Executive producers (unknown)

End of the Line is the sixth episode of the second and last season of the American animated television series Godzilla: The Series and the twenty-seventh episode of the whole series.


While having a romantic cruise, Nick and Audrey get attacked by a giant mutant turtle, but gets saved — not by Godzilla, but Komododirathx, a mutant komodo dragon. When Godzilla arrives, the couple soon realise that they are in love and Godzilla is now a surrogate father to Komododirathx's only egg.

But with the menacing mutant turtle around, the millitary has to destroy all the monsters in the area, leaving Nick and Audrey to protect these gargantuan lovers from getting killed. With the egg left unguarded, the giant turtle raids the nest. Thankfully Komododirathx fights the turtle to protect her unborn offspring from getting eaten. Finally Godzilla arrives to help Komododirathx to fend off the attacker. They finally manage to defeat the creature and Nick and Audrey convince the millitary not to destroy the monsters.

The egg hatches for the first time and it was a baby mutant komodo dragon. Audrey and Nick finally date again with the monsters triumphing over their new born child.




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