American Godzilla film series character
Official name Chimera
Country of origin USA
Official nicknames
  • (no nicknames)
Fan nicknames
  • (no nicknames)
Species Unknown Organism
Length (unknown)
Height (unknown)
Weight (unknown)

Breath weapon:

  • (no breath)

Other abilities:

  • (no abilities)
Origins (unknown)
Distribution (unknown)
First appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Latest appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Created by Fil Barlow in 1997-1998

Chimera was a nemesis mutation of Godzilla (Junior). The Chimera appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Trust No One where it is shown as a dead specimen of a DNA experiment preserved in a glass jar filled with an unknown light green substance.The creature was depicted as a dead infant dog-like creature with a mane of hair running down its neck, the wings of a bird on its back, and the eyes of a snake or a lizard. It appeared to have crooked razor sharp teeth jutting out of its mouth and  razor sharp claws on its feet. It was created in a lab in the Amazonian jungle, but it must have been a failed experiment as it is seen preserved in a glass jar. How it died is unknown, though, judging by its appearance, it can be assumed that it may have died from birth defects. Two Chimeras may have been created because a healthy adult was shown in a photo in a rogue geneticist's file that Philippe Roache shows Monique while aboard the H.E.A.T Seeker. The adult Chimera's fate is unknown.

Film appearancesEdit

Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)Edit

Trust No One (episode) (July 31, 1999)Edit

The Chimera is seen preserved in a glass jar filled with a light green substance on a desk in the same building where the D.N.A. Mimic was found. It was discovered by a treasure hunter when he stumbled onto the abandoned lab. Seeing the jar on the desk, the treasure hunter's curiosity got the best of him and he bent down to have a closer look at the jar's contents. Upon seeing the horrifying abomination preserved in the jar, he gave a cry of terror and backed away from the desk, turning his attention to his dog barking at a closet door.

Later on Philippe Roache shows Monique a file on a rogue geneticist. A photo of an adult Chimera, which Philippe said was one of the geneticist's experiments, is shown inside of the file. It is unknown what happened to the adult Chimera, leaving its fate unknown.

After H.E.A.T arrived at the lab, Craven and Elsie began to examine the Chimera, dissecting it to get samples to look at its DNA structure. They learned that it was created through the mixture of three different kinds of animals' DNA. Their examination of the Chimera, though, was cut short when the D.N.A. Mimic began to impersonate members of H.E.A.T. Whatever happened to the Chimera's body after the Mimic was destroyed remains unknown, though it is possible that Elsie and Craven brought it back with them to H.E.A.T. headquarters so they could continue with their examination of it and so that it would not fall into the wrong hands.

The Making of the ChimeraEdit

Conceptual artworkEdit

Evidently, not much was planned about the Chimera other than having it featured in the intro to an episode as just a dead specimen of a DNA experiment preserved in a glass jar filled with an unknown light green substance.



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