Atomic breaths

Atomic breath, also known as nuclear breath, is a biological weapon that is used by the American Godzilla to defend itself. Although this ability is now commonly known as an atomic/nuclear fire breath, in the early stages of the evolution of the atomic breath this ability was not that well recognized in the American Godzilla species. Up until recent years the nuclear breath evolved to become more iconic and devestating.

Atomic breath in filmsEdit

Godzilla (1998)Edit

Atomic breath seen in concept arts

In merchandises.

In Godzilla, Godzilla possess a powerful breath commonly known as Power Breath which, if ignited by an internal/external fire source, can become a fire breath, as an alternative weapon. Whether the creature can produce real fire by itself is unknown, but it has been claimed that the creature only possess the Power Breath, although the breath could hypothetically also be a fire breath.

Baby Godzilla  (1998) Edit

Although the Baby Godzillas didn't use the Power Breath in the film, they probably are able to use such an ability or they will become able to use it as they grow older.

Godzilla Junior (1998-2000)Edit

In Godzilla: The Series, Godzilla Junior possess a green atomic breath known as Fire Breath, Flame Breath and even sometimes called Power Breath. When he uses it, his dorsal spikes light up and his eyes become green (sometimes red).

Cyber-Godzilla (1998-2000)Edit


Cyber-Godzilla using his atomic flame fire breath in Godzilla: The Series.

In the TV-series, also Cyber-Godzilla have a blue atomic breath known as Fire Breath, Flame Breath or Power Breath.

Zilla (2004)Edit

Acid Breath

Zilla's acidic fire breath in Godzilla: Final Wars.

Zilla, from Godzilla: Final Wars, also seem to possess an atomic breath known as Acidic Firing Beam. However, when using it, he isn't seen.

Atomic breath in video gamesEdit

Baby Godzilla (Godzilla Online)Edit

In the game Godzilla Online, the Baby Godzilla have a power called "Baby
Baby Breath

The Baby Godzilla's "Baby Breath" in the game Godzilla Online.

Breath" who consists of spit a highly corrosive steam.

Godzilla (Trading Battle) (1998)Edit


Godzilla (Trading Battle) using his atomic breath in the game Godzilla Trading Battle.

In the video game Godzilla Trading Battle, Godzilla (Trading Battle) is seen using a blue atomic breath a bit similar to Cyber-Godzilla's Fire Breath.

Godzilla USA (1998)Edit


Godzilla USA's Power Breath in the game Godzilla Generations.

In the video game Godzilla Generations, Godzilla-USA is seen using some kind of breath similar to Godzilla's Power Breath, but even more powerful.

Godzilla Junior (1998)Edit


Godzilla Junior using his Fireball attack in Godzilla: The Series (video game).

In the game Godzilla: The Series (video game), Godzilla Junior can use a different atomic breath attack called Fireballs.

In Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars, he also possess a powerful Fire Breath.
Godzilla2 4-172093 640w

Godzilla Jr uses his Fire Breath in Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars.

Atomic breath in comics and booksEdit

Godzilla JuniorEdit

In the webcomic of the animated series, Godzilla Junior possess a yellow nuclear breath.

IDW ZillaEdit

Strangely, IDW Zilla has no breath weapon in the comic Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.

Atomic breath in cancelled charactersEdit

Godzilla Junior (Godzilla 2)Edit

Godzilla Junior was supposed to possess a Fire Breath in the cancelled film Godzilla 2.

Teen GodzillaEdit

It's unknown if the Teen have also an Atomic Breath because they don't use it. However, they probably have one, like their father (despite they are surely too young to use it).

The RuntEdit

It's unknown if The Runt has also an Atomic Breath because he doesn't use it. However, he probably has one, like his father (despite he is surely too young to use it).

Female GodzillaEdit

Godzilla webcomic

Godzilla Jr's Fire Breath in the webcomic

It's unknown if the Female Godzilla was supposed to possess an Atomic Breath, but it's likely yes because Godzilla Junior and Komodithrax, who replaces her, have one
Komodithrax breath

Komodithrax using her atomic breath in Godzilla: The Series.

Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale (Zilla Breath)

Zilla's atomic breath in Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale

Atomic breath in Fan GamesEdit

Godzilla (Godzilla fan game (name forgotten))Edit

It's unknown if Godzilla possess an Atomic Breath in this fan-game.

Zilla  (Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale)Edit

In this fan-game, Zilla possess a Nuclear Breath a bit similar to the one of Godzilla Junior in the animated series.

USA GodzillaEdit

USA Godzilla possess some kind of Fire Breath in the fan-game M.U.G.E.N.
Zilla in M.U.G.E.N.


See alsoEdit

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