Trendmasters product announcement for their GODZILLA: THE SERIES monster figures. This promo was done early in the series’ development, before the show had a name or the monster designs had been finalized. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Shyman. © 1998 Toho Co., Ltd.

Also planned for the GODZILLA: THE SERIES range were smaller poseable figures of Godzilla and other monsters from the show. The monster toys would be issued in two different scales. The “Large Godzilla Figure Assortment” would average around 5″ tall and 7.5″ long and come with a firing breath weapon. The smaller “Monster Figure Assortment” figures would be approximately 4.25″ tall and 6″ long, each with a “deluxe attack action” feature. The larger figures would have been packaged in a window box, the smaller sold attached to blister cards.


If you can see there's Manda and Gus but the other two are unknown.

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