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Should this wiki include Japanese Godzilla content?

Like the title states, should this wiki change a bit and include articles and categories for the Japanese Godzilla and its associated films, characters and monsters? How would that work and how would it affect this wiki and its already established content? I see the poll on the main page has 61.11% positive votes, 27.78% negative votes, and 11.11% who doesn't have an opinion on this yet. If you have any interest in this question, please participate in this discussion and help make this wiki a better place for everyone. And as long as you keep an honest, civilized and respectful behaviour, any answers are very much appreciated!

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... How did I get here?

Why not? What could possibly go wr- DON'T. EVER. SAY THAT. ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG. But this probably won't. ;)

I will go forward with trying to change the site to fit some Japanese Godzilla material, if anyone has any issues or questions regarding some changes then please address them here! It will be appreciated and I will do what I can to answer them properly.

Well looking at the url I think it should only be referenced.

When it comes to the url, it can be changed, but that is only if the title of this wiki is to change. The wiki can still be dedicated to the American Godzilla and still include articles about the original Japanese Godzilla and its universe which started it all, to expand the knowledge, info and history a little. This is afterall a site dedicated to the Godzilla-universe/franchise.