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The Godzilla 1998 Database Returns Announcement

Joshua Duncan, the creator of the "Godzilla 1998 Database" (… ), has earlier in the last month (on May 31, 2013) expressed his ideas on the future of the database after its most recent offline period, in his own words "I do have plans to bring it back.", and he recently (on June 6, 2013) left us AMERICAN GODZILLA-fans with this messege (… ):

"Godzilla 1998 Database will be back very soon here is a list of what to expect..

- More High Quality Content

- Focus on quality than quantity

- Website will be slimmed down, leaner

- Re-making content, new Posters and stuff that looks official and not fan-made or amateurish. Which is a standard I try to maintain. Possible end of the summer or early fall release."

He has requested that we repost this to other fans and let them know what's coming.

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When ever I click the first link, it brings me to deviant art XD



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