I quote (from the Zilla-article):

"There is some speculation about whether or not the American Godzilla (in this case Zilla) was supposed to have been included in the 2007 video game Godzilla: Unleashed, although most claims are doubtful and unverifiable.

There is a rumour about an interview where it's announced that Zilla was considered to become a playable monster during the game's early stages of development but was scrapped because of a lack of popularity,[1] which could appearantly be seen and confirmed on Japan's website. This claim is as of now unverifiable and doubtful.

A preview of the game provided by Worthplaying and written by Geson Hatchett on November 13, 2007, speaks of which monsters are going to be seen in the game and mentions "Godzilla 2000 (along with that horrid American '90s one that all Godzilla fans try to forget).[2] This article even spawned a discussion about whether or not the former statement in the article was refering to the American Godzilla or the Godzilla from the Heisei Era.[3]

There was also a rumour about a screenshot of the game showing Zilla and Gigan fighting on Monster Island.[4]

There is also a claim that "if you use the cheat 204935, and then play all the levels that unlock monsters correctly (like playing as an earth defender in "Rumble in the Surf" and smashing a glowing building)" you should be able to unlock characters like Zilla, King Kong, Godzilla Jr., Gamera, Battra, Monster X, and C-rex. The person who claimed this also stated that on the source website for this information, 67% of the people who tried the cheat claims that it works.[5] The source website was probably CheatMasters.com, but currently, despite that the site doesn't mention the cheat code, the percentage of people rating this cheat code as good is now 61%.[6] it is currently unconfirmed whether this cheat actually works or not."

Now the question is, is any of this true? Does anybody know anything about this or are we going to classify this as myths?


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